Sharp によって記載された日本産 Choragus 属 
Japanese Choragus Species Described by Sharp (1891)

Choragus anobioides Sharp (Type)  シバンガタノミヒゲナガゾウムシ

Choragus cissoides Sharp (Type)  ゴマノミヒゲナガゾウムシ

Choragus compactus Sharp (Type)  キンヘリノミヒゲナガゾウムシ

Choragus cryphaloides Sharp (Type)  ムネアカノミヒゲナガゾウムシ

Choragus cryptocephalus Sharp (Type)  ズカクシノミヒゲナガゾウムシ

Choragus mundulus Sharp (Type)  セスジノミヒゲナガゾウムシ

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Thompson and Dr. Barclay of the Natural History Museum, London, for the loan of the type specimens.

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