What  is most important point of child abduction to japan by Japanese mother?

About Hague convention ° 14,May,2011)


This is article of that argument,. My English is not better but I think I can tell.


In English on internet, many Japanese abducter woman are saying lie ,so I debunk that.


 Why they say domestic violence?

Abductor Japanese mother say °»I abused by foreign ex-husband°…,°…I am victim of Domestic violence°….They saying all of abduction caused by foreign fathers domestic violence.

DomesticViolence groups who supporting abductor saying all foreign fathers who are victim of  child abduction  are perpetrator of Domestic violence. But how they confirm this?

American government saying there are no DomesticViolence.And American fathers(or other countries father who are abducted children by Japanese mother)saying there are no DomesticViolence.

But such woman suppoting from DomesticViolence group or  supporting abductor group are saying  °»there are domestic violence ,so abduction is not wrong.°…

Is there no domestic violence support in US?Or French or Canada?No.Why they didn°«t use domestic violence law in these county?

Because many casese false accusation.Of course,some cases may be true about domestic violence,but most cases many mothers just want to come back to japan.

And japanse bad habit(or discrimination against father),Many mother is thinking °»children is mine°…,so abducted their children.

Why I speculate this?Because In japan ,japanese mothers are doing this against Japanese father in divorce.Japanese bad unfear culture is if divorce,mothers always "bring back" theirs children to "mother's home".



And Japanese domestic violence law is very irresponsible,and wrong using.

Japanese domestic violence law never need evidence or investigation.Only using by °»women saying°….

So,if father saying °»I didn°«t abuse°…,and mother sayind °»I am victim of domestic violence°…

and there are no evidence,Japanses Stop Domestic Violence Center saying °»there are domestic violence°….

So it cause many false accusations. In addition ,Japanese feminist making domestic violence including °»mental violence°…or°…language violence°….

What is this?

Surprisingly, °»mental domestic violence°… is including that °»husband ignored wife°….If  you don°«t response what she says,this is domestic violence in japan!

.And laungage violence mean if you quarrel or argument with wife,and woman thought "My heart is hurted" it become domestic violence.

So even there no physical violence,Japanese woman say °»there are domestic violence°…. Many Japanese men are thinking this is insane.



And Japanese domestic violence law is only protecting women,but not men.

So if husband feeling mental domestic violence or abused with physical violence by wife,he cant accuse by using domestic violence law and domestic violence law do not protect him.

Japanese domestic violence law is very unfair.   



Who opposing hague convention and joint custody?

Did all Japanese citizens opposing joint custody and hague convention?NO.


Opponents  is abductor mother and  some radical feminist who relating domestic violence law.

Radical feminists is group of °»chizuko ueno°… who is radical feminist and professer of Tokyo university and academic leader of anti-hague convention group.

Only these.


 Many Japanese father is wishing joint custody.Because in japan if divorce father lose custody ,then,they never meet their children again.

Because of sole custody.Many fathers is angry and suffering from this single custody. Because 90% mother get single custody.Always father lose custody.

And hague convention is including philosophy of that °»chidren need both parents and children have right of access to both parents after divorce°…,so this convention make help of joint custody,that Japanese father demanding.

And some anti-joint custody groups(these groups are some feminists group who supporting domestic violence law and single-mothers group,and supporting abductor mother groups) are opposing this hague convention. Why?

Because this convention allowing children right to meet father.They thinking about only women°«s profit, never father.And they are opposing father°«s visitation right,too.


 Discrimination against foreigner? Or father?

Some abducted  father thinking ,the reason that their children is abducted and never return and  he never meet his children is discrimination against foreigner.But it may be not right.

Because many Japanese fathers are also victim of same thing.Japanese fathers was abducted their children by ex-wife.Japanse family court system is very favor to mather.

If foreign mother and Japanese father divorce,Japanese court may judge advantage to foreign mother.So this problem is not discrimination to foreigner.

This is gender bias.Our most important thing is  making pressure to japan to stop gender discrimination against father.And make joint custody.


In Japan ,feminist groups is very strong and having strong influence to court or government.And many father protesting for this,but always ignored.Japanese fathers are powerless,and be prosecured.



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So we ask help for forign country.

Please make strong pressure to japan and change this discrimination